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Deciding to pursue an MBA is a life changing choice, filled with opportunities for personal and professional growth. Aspiring business leaders often contemplate when it’s the best time to pursue an MBA. Read on as we shed light on the distinctive benefits and considerations associated with our Full-Time MBA Program


Benefits of Attending a Full-Time MBA Program

Immersive Learning

Full-Time MBA students dive headfirst into an immersive learning environment, devoting undivided attention to academics and student life. The program's concentrated duration allows for an intensive study of business fundamentals, lab courses, and hands-on learning experiences. The academic rigor pushes you to broaden your horizons and develop a deeper understanding of the business world.

Building Lifelong Networks

The Full-Time MBA experience fosters tight-knit cohorts during LEAD, creating a vibrant and diverse community of future leaders. Classmates often become close friends and valuable professional contacts, as students share experiences and learn from one another. The rich networking opportunities extend beyond the classroom, as guest speakers, alumni, and industry leaders engage with students on campus.

Career Transition and Internships

For those seeking a career transition or exploring new industries, our Full-Time MBA program offers valuable internships and career development opportunities. First year students typically engage in summer internships, gaining real-world experience and testing skillsets in the job market. The access to career services and on-campus recruitment events aids graduates in securing sought-after positions post-MBA.

Considerations of Attending a Full-Time Program

Trading Work for School

For the Full-Time MBA, students leave the workforce temporarily to be immersed in the educational experience. It’s true the financial obligation of an MBA can be substantial, especially when factoring in tuition fees and living expenses. Although it involves monetary considerations, the potential gains and growth from this experience are truly invaluable. Embracing this consideration allows you to invest in your future and equip yourself with the skills and knowledge that will open doors to even greater achievements in your career, as well as exponential financial gains over the course of your professional life.

Potential Relocation

For some, pursuing an MBA means relocating to another city or country. Relocating for an MBA allows individuals to immerse themselves in new experiences taking place in and outside of the classroom. While moving to a new environment can be a fun, eye-opening experience, it’s important to take into consideration any circumstances that might have an impact on any personal or professional development efforts associated with completing an MBA Program. Overall, relocation adds another element of growth during an MBA experience as students challenge themselves to actively embrace change, while taking on a rewarding two year experience.

Figuring out when the time is right to pursue a Full-Time MBA depends on an individual's unique circumstances and career aspirations. In the end, the MBA experience is a transformative journey, empowering students with the necessary skills and knowledge to thrive in their chosen field. We would love to help you make your career dreams become a reality, so when the time is right we encourage you to apply.