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When Anh Nguyen, ’22, joined Booth’s Executive MBA Program in London, she wasn’t planning to become an entrepreneur. The director of global private equity and infrastructure for a global advisory firm, she had worked in the corporate sector for most of her career and expected to continue doing so.

Then she signed up for Booth’s Global New Venture Challenge class, which prepares EMBA students to compete for startup funding. The experience gave her the opportunity to revisit her passion for art, and she founded a culture-tech startup with five classmates.

Today, she’s CEO of Nimi Collectibles, a platform that connects museums with a generation of emerging patrons, helps develop more sustainable revenue models for the arts, and democratizes art philanthropy. “The Booth experience allowed me the mind space to look into my inspirations,” she says. “My personal ROI of the Executive MBA experience is really the network, the people, the community that I built that will be with me for the rest of my life.”