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Students take courses in a modern area language and have the opportunity to pursue their interests in such subjects as the ethnology or history of the region.

Through this joint-degree program, students will further their understanding of the important political, cultural, and economic dynamics affecting this region.

Program Structure

This program requires the successful completion of an integrated master’s thesis and noncredited thesis writing courses, 1300 units of CEERES-only course credit, and 1400 units of Booth-only course credit (+LEAD). This program is completed in three years.


Tuition for the joint MBA/MA in Eastern European Russian Eurasian Studies program is assessed through Chicago Booth at a flat rate. If a student takes more than 2200 units, they will be assessed the per course rate for any additional units. View more details of estimated costs here.

Booth Courses

Courses for CEERES

For detailed information regarding CEERES’s curriculum, please visit the program's website or contact CEERES.

Admissions Process

Individuals interested in this joint-degree program need to apply to Chicago Booth during Round One or Round Two. There is an additional essay that you will be required to write at that time. We will review your application and then send it to CEERES for review. You will find out if you received admission to Chicago Booth at the admissions decision deadline of whichever round you apply.

Please note that you will find out if you have been admitted to the MA in Eastern European and Russian Eurasian Studies at the Round Two admissions decision deadline, even if you applied for the joint program during Round One. Admissions decisions are made completely independent of one another. If you have specific questions regarding the MA in Eastern European and Russian Eurasian Studies Program, please reach out to CEERES.
Apply to Booth

First-year Booth students considering a joint-degree should take careful note of the number of elective units allowed for joint-degree students, as to not exceed the limit (400 units) in the first year of their MBA. There are important tuition implications for exceeding your elective limit. Please consult with your Academic advisor.