Recruiters & Companies


If you are interested in hiring Chicago Booth students and alumni, please contact the appropriate staff at the Charles M. Harper Center, as listed below.

Career Services

Career Services
Harper Center
5807 South Woodlawn Avenue
Chicago, IL 60637
Phone: 773.702.7405 / f. 773.702.9252
Julie Morton
Associate Dean, Career Services and Corporate Relations
Phone: 773.834.3591

Julie oversees the strategic direction of career services at Chicago Booth. She works with students and alumni on their career plans as well as with employers who wish to access Chicago Booth talent.

Meagan Watson
Assistant Director
Phone: 773.702.9188

Meagan manages corporate and student-facing activities and also supports scheduling and initiatives of the associate dean, Career Services and Corporate Relations.

Employer Relations

Chicago Booth's Employer Relations team is responsible for cultivating and expanding company relationships, developing branding and recruiting strategies through which firms can source MBA and experienced-hire talent, and hosting programs and events that support these goals. Employer development team members identify and build relationships with new companies, or those that may be reconnecting with Chicago Booth. Relationship management team members cultivate relationships with those firms that have an established presence among students and alumni, and includes those companies that participate in the campus recruiting process.
Stephanie O'Connor
Senior Director - Employer Relations
Phone: 773.834.5442
Christy Leak
Director – Relationship Management
Phone: 773.834.2839
Jackie Campbell
Manager, Employer Programs & Events
Phone: 773.834.8623

Jackie manages Booth’s job board and event logistics for a variety of employer-facing programs and events.  

Katherine Knight
Manager, Employer Programs & Events
Phone: 773.7027407

Katherine manages the interview center and event logistics related to campus recruiting.

Corporate & Consulting Industry Coverage

Janice Farrar and Huneth Lor work together to lead company relationships across a diverse range of corporate and consulting firms. 

Please contact Janice Farrar if you are interested in campus recruiting. Details on specific industry coverage can be found below.

Janice Farrar
Associate Director – Relationship Management
Phone: 773.702.9209

Janice works with corporates and consulting firms that host campus recruiting activities such as presentations and interviews.

Position Vacant
Employer Development
Phone: 773.702.7738

This team member leads company relationships within the following industries: advertising, business design, consulting, education, retail apparel and luxury goods, and technology (hardware, software, telecommunications, and eCommerce).  

Huneth Lor-Fair
Assistant Director—Employer Development
Phone: 773.834.0243

For assistance within the following industries, please contact the Huneth Lor at agribusiness, aerospace, chemicals, consumer goods, energy and utilities, entertainment, healthcare, hospitality, industrial products, media, sports, and travel/transportation.

Financial Services & Non-Profit Industry Coverage

Danielle Scoppettuolo, Melanie Scarlata and Katherine Darius work together to lead company relationships across a diverse range of financial services and non-profit organizations. Please contact Danielle Scoppettuolo if you are interested in campus recruiting. Details on specific industry coverage for Katherine and Melanie can be found below.

Danielle Scoppettuolo
Assistant Director- Relationship Management
Phone: 773.702.4286

Danielle works with financial services firms and non-profits that host campus recruiting activities such as presentations and interviews.

Katherine Darius
Associate Director - Employer Development
Phone: 773.702.7766

Katherine leads company relationships within the following industries: private equity, venture capital, accelerators and incubators, family foundations, financial technology, real estate, and select non-profits.

Melanie Scarlata
Senior Associate Director – Relationship Management
Phone: 773.834.8261

Melanie leads company relationships within the following industries: diversified financial services, hedge funds, insurance, investment banking, investment management, impact investing, government, and select non-profits.  

Asia Pacific

Julia Herries
Director, Employer Relations - APAC
Phone: +852.2533.9509

Based in Hong Kong, Julia builds relationships throughout the APAC region.  

Europe, Middle East, and Africa

Leslie Plaisted
Associate Director - EMEA

Based in London, Leslie P. builds relationships throughout the EMEA region, including London, Barcelona, Geneva, Zurich, Paris, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Johannesburg.

Latin America

Katherine Darius
Associate Director - Latin America

Based in Chicago, Katherine builds relationships throughout Latin America region, including Brazil, Santiago, and Mexico City.

Career Management

Jody Becker
Phone: 773.834.2618
Fern O'Neill
Senior Associate Director
Phone: 773.834.0098
Heather Packo
Senior Associate Director
Phone: 773.702.5092
Kathy Ho
Associate Director
Phone: 773.834.2618
Meftehe Shebi
Associate Director
Phone: 773.702.9190
Johanna Smith
Associate Director
Phone: 773.702.9189
Cristina Shepard
Associate Director, Career Management Events
Phone: 773.834.3539
Kathryn Ward-Mytinger
Assistant Director, Career Management Programs & Events

Career Resource Center

Andrea Sanchez
Assistant Director
Phone: 773.834.0449
Sean Smith
Phone: 773.834.5443
Library Staff
Phone: 773.702.7406


Rachel Tripp
Associate Director, Marketing
Phone: 773.702.6264

Information Systems and Reporting

Paul Steven
Senior Associate Director, Data Analysis and Research
Phone: 773.702.7016
Carolyn Rydz
Data Coordinator

Office Administration

Barbara Vance
Senior Office Manager
Phone: 773.702.7436