Recruiters & Companies

Booking Events

Promoting Your Event

Chicago Booth offers numerous ways to promote your campus events including working with student groups, advertising in our campus newspaper, and sending posters and flyers. In addition, Career Services will promote your event on our central calendar, event monitors, and on our phone hotline.

Student Groups

Chicago has more than 60 active student-led groups on campus. To advertise an upcoming event, contact the co-chair of the group that is most closely aligned with your business or career opportunity. They can send an email advertisement for your event to members of their listserve.

Chicago Booth Campus Newspaper

Chicago Business is our campus newspaper for MBA students. You may take out an advertisement to announce recruiting events as well as to congratulate students, create awareness about your organization, or build your brand. To advertise in Chicago Business, please contact ChiBus Advertising

Additional Promotion Options

Through the additional promotion options available to you, you can provide information about your company or advertise a corporate event.