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Develop Talent

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At Chicago Booth, companies can prepare their senior and mid-career managers to take on the business and marketplace challenges of today and tomorrow. Managers will develop the knowledge and skills to prepare them to be effective leaders in any organization.

Through programs taught by its acclaimed faculty experts and researchers, Booth provides high-impact, results-driven management education. For more information, please contact Julie Morton, Associate Dean, Career Services & Corporate Relations.

Develop Talent

Develop Talent
Executive MBA Program

Offered on three campuses - Chicago, London, and Hong Kong - senior managers gain a holistic perspective and a global network. They bring immediate benefit to your organization, by translating classroom insights into novel business solutions.

Develop Talent
Executive Education

Managers gain access to the newest business concepts, learn business practices and underlying theory, and enhance their skills through two types of programs:

  • Custom Programs - We partner with companies to specifically tailor learning solutions to fit your company’s needs. Learn more.

  • Open-Enrollment Programs - We deliver knowledge of a wide range of disciplines, including finance, marketing, strategy, and leadership in a convenient class schedule. Participants vary across industries and functions. Learn more.