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Experiential Learning

An important part of students learning, and preparation for their future careers, is to work on real-world business problems and apply what they learn in the classroom.

Companies can sponsor projects in designated lab courses, and receive cost-effective, top-tier consulting from a team of MBA students. Students work with faculty and business mentors to apply Booth’s unique analytical rigor to a business issue and present data-driven insights at the end of the course. Booth offers several types of Experiential Learning projects for companies to sponsor, with different levels of project scope, faculty involvement and student hours.

Marketing Lab Course Projects

Multiple student projects are embedded in the Booth marketing curriculum, including such courses as New Product Development and Marketing Research. Student teams work on a company sponsored project as part of the coursework. Find out what sponsors gain from these courses and learn more about how to sponsor a project.

Management Lab

A dedicated team of cross-disciplinary students, led by faculty and advisers, works together with high-level executives on a company’s comprehensive business issue as the content of an entire quarter-long course. Tackling assignments on par with those of the world’s premier consulting firms, projects encompass strategy, business development, and marketing.

In addition, a range of student led projects related to private equity, venture capital and new venture formation are offered through the Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship Experiential Courses and Labs.

For more information, please contact Julie Morton, Associate Dean, Career Services & Corporate Relations.