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From all of us at Chicago Booth on November 16, 2023, Happy Donor Day!

Your ongoing support ensures that Chicago Booth continues to provide a world-class business education. Thank you for making possible our incredible, academically rigorous environment for the best faculty and brightest students—we’ve asked a handful of them to reflect on their appreciation for your support, which you can read below.

“I am thankful for my Chicago Booth experience, friends and the Booth community which continues to enrich me personally and professionally.”

— Alison Van Vark, ’14

“Tomorrow is never promised. So, I am thankful for the fullness of life and the abundance of blessings that continue to flow my way, including good health, great friends and a loving and supportive family.”

— Chris Moore, ’12 (XP-81)

“I'm thankful for my family, the essential workers who have sacrificed so much for us, and for my 'quaranteam' being a part of my life and by my side through all the madness of 2020.”

— Rachel Frank, ’20

“I am thankful for several things related to Chicago Booth. 1) The rigor and challenges of a top tier MBA program, 2) the many career opportunities afforded me as a result of attending Chicago Booth, and 3) the values that the school and the entire staff adhere to. For these reasons, and people like you, I'm proud to be a Chicago Booth graduate.”

— John Cosentino, ’93

“I am incredibly grateful for my Booth community.  It has led to many friendships and eventually to the opportunity to start and lead BANC. In turn that experience gave me the confidence in my skills and a community to lean into as I continue my entrepreneurial path at 1102 Partners. After meeting my husband, David Maley, at Booth, I am thankful to come full circle in sharing with him the launch of our new venture.”

— Judith Solomon Maley, ’84

“I am thankful for my family, my father, brother and wonderful children especially! I am thankful for friends and for being part of this amazing Chicago Booth community!”

— Pedro B. Saboia, ’13

“I'm thankful for the amazing community of Booth alumni who are always willing to lend a helping hand!”

— Vidur Sehgal, ’15

“I'm thankful to Booth for a community that stretches me intellectually and purposefully and a degree that has given me the tools to think critically with confidence, especially during unprecedented times like these.”

— Cindy Machles, ’82

“I’m thankful for the wonderful friendships Booth has given me.”

— Max Adler Braun, ’14

Read about the impact of support from Chicago Booth’s donors in the 2022-23 Annual Fund and Alumni Engagement Impact Report.

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