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The Chicago Approach

Inquiry. Insight. Impact.

Make The Chicago Approach™ your own

It lives to make a lasting difference in your professional life. Simply put, The Chicago Approach builds you up. The curriculum, faculty and community are all designed to support and strengthen you every day you are here. And every step of your career.

It gives you the agility to navigate the complexity of leading in a world of constant change, the acumen to inspire high-impact ideas through purposeful inquiry, the tools for turning data into actionable insights, and the frameworks for multidimensional problem solving.

Most importantly, it provides you with a mutually supportive community that collaborates in the spirit of helping you succeed in your own way.

It all comes together in this empowering approach that’s giving rise to leaders who are creating enduring impact in the world.

See how our alumni have applied The Chicago Approach throughout their careers.

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