About Chicago Booth

Chicago Approach

At Chicago Booth, we teach students to solve complex business problems using the conceptual tools of economics, statistics, behavioral sciences, and other fundamental business disciplines. Here, you’ll learn the theory that shapes business practice - how markets work, organizations function, customers behave.

We offer:

  • A complete range of full- and part-time MBA degrees
  • The nation’s oldest doctoral program in business
  • Open-enrollment seminars on 30 topics
  • Customized corporate education tailored to your company’s needs

Immersed in Chicago Booth’s unique culture of rigorous analysis, you will learn to demand facts, question assumptions, and examine problems from all angles.

There is no single approach to teaching; you will learn through lectures, case studies, and team projects. Through lab courses, our full-time students have many opportunities to learn while working on real-world business problems.

You will learn from a world-class faculty, and have early access to their innovative ideas. You will learn with - and from - an amazing group of smart, diverse, and capable classmates who will expand your views and become lifelong friends.

It all adds up to an education that goes beyond current trends, equipping you with frameworks to solve business problems yet unknown. On your hardest days, when the challenges are the toughest and no case study applies, that’s when you’ll be glad you have a Chicago Booth MBA.