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Chicago Booth is pleased to announced two new offerings for ambitious students who want to transform the healthcare system: a joint MBA/MS Biomedical Sciences program and an MBA concentration in healthcare. Both offerings will equip students with the tools to excel in a wide range of in-demand healthcare career paths. 

Booth’s newest joint-degree program gives students the opportunity to pursue both a master in biomedical sciences (BMS) from the University of Chicago Biological Sciences Division and a master of business administration from Chicago Booth. It’s an opportunity for students looking to combine business expertise with foundational knowledge in biomedicine to become leaders and innovators in the healthcare industry. Candidates will take 14 Booth-only courses and LEAD, an experiential leadership development course, as well as six MS-only courses over the span of the two-year program. The enhanced curriculum pairs leadership and management skills with the research, applied, and clinical skills needed to transform healthcare.

Upon completion of the dual-degree program, graduates will be equipped to enter fields such as biotechnology, policy, government, and pharmaceuticals. The MBA/MS Biomedical Sciences program is one of nine joint-degree options available through Chicago Booth and UChicago to students interested in going beyond the MBA to develop specialized expertise and credentials.

Booth students can also tailor their MBA experience by taking more specific courses and earning MBA concentrations, which signal to prospective employers that a student has deep knowledge of a particular field, along with relevant analytical skills and tools. Booth’s new MBA concentration in healthcare—one of 14 such concentrations at Booth—integrates business and medical points of view on the complex challenges facing the healthcare sector.

Dan Adelman

“Booth’s healthcare curriculum prepares students to lead and make a positive impact in the global healthcare community.”

— Dan Adelman

For the healthcare concentration, MBA students can choose four healthcare-related courses to match their interests and up to one lab course, with options including Healthcare Economics, Healthcare Business Analytics, Life Sciences: Innovation and Finance, Entrepreneurship in Health/Life Sciences, Global Health and Social Policy, and Healthcare Analytics Lab. The specialized curriculum prepares students for a variety of career paths—from healthcare consulting and hospital administration to business development, insurance, private equity, and corporate finance. 

The new joint MBA/MS Biomedical Sciences program and the addition of a healthcare concentration for Booth MBA students are part of the increasing research, curricular, and co-curricular resources the school is devoting to healthcare.

In the fall of 2020, Booth launched the Healthcare Initiative, a community of faculty members, policymakers, industry leaders, alumni, and current students applying analytical, empirical, and humanistic approaches to improve the healthcare sector. The Healthcare Initiative serves as a center of gravity for the diverse disciplines that engage in healthcare research at Booth, and facilitates collaboration with partners across the university. The Booth Healthcare Fellowship is awarded each year to select incoming Full-Time MBA students with backgrounds in a care provider role (for example, MD, RN, or social work in a healthcare setting).

“We are proud to add these two new programs to Chicago Booth’s existing healthcare offerings,” said Dan Adelman, co-director of the Booth Healthcare Initiative, director of Chicago Booth’s Healthcare Analytics Laboratory, and the Charles I. Clough, Jr. Professor of Operations Management. “Through the application of rigorous frameworks for understanding and analyzing the complex market dynamics and managerial issues that drive the industry, Booth’s healthcare curriculum prepares students to lead and make a positive impact in the global healthcare community.”


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