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Why Chicago Booth?
I was looking for an experience that offers the flexibility to pursue my work while giving me the training I need. Booth was a perfect amalgamation of allowing me to pursue my passion of encouraging youth political participation in democracy while equipping me to be a better leader and giving me the opportunity to be a student again.
What skills are you looking to develop at Booth?   
I’ve come to the realization that nonprofit and advocacy work requires a keen sense of business leadership. I’m hoping to understand how to be more effective with all stakeholders as well as how to keep organizations sustainable by building and expanding revenue streams.  
What are your career aspirations?
My goal is to expand India’s electoral democracy to be more inclusive for India’s youth, inside and outside the government.   
Which MBA program are you pursuing and why?
I’m pursuing the Evening MBA Program because it gives me the flexibility to keep creating engagement in universities on the weekends and work on India time on the weekdays.


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