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Why Booth? Why Civic Scholars?

Booth's Commitment to leadership and innovation are qualities that match my core values and the curriculum gives me the flexibility to learn on my own terms. The Civic Scholars program also offers an opportunity to broaden my network of nonprofit leaders who are driven to tackle complex issues.  The Civic Scholars Program will allow me to build a network of peers who challenge and encourage one another to not only build solutions but implement them.

What are your career aspirations?

My experience working with youth in under-resourced communities has made me extremely passionate about rethinking existing systems holistically to increase economic opportunities and work toward equity in education. I have seen the great work organizations can do when they have a solid team, strategic vision, and the funding to execute, and I plan to lead that charge as well.

What skills are you looking to develop at Booth and implement into your sector?

To become an effective leader in the social impact sector, I will use my time at Booth to deepen my understanding of how to tackle these larger structural issues through a qualitative and quantitative approach, financial sustainability, and organizational leadership. Harnessing my education and professional experiences, I will merge business and social impact to create partnerships that can advance the efforts of community-based organizations and increase economic opportunities.

Which program format did you choose and why?

I chose the Full-Time program to fully immerse myself in the University of Chicago community and give myself an opportunity to explore new avenues for growth and leadership.

Tell us about your career journey and how you got to where you are now within the social sector.

I know the importance of addressing the systemic issues that have plagued communities for generations. Pursuing an MBA will build off my professional experience and enhance my ability to cultivate strong organizations for my community. I hope to build a network of peers who challenge and encourage one another to push for more. I will become a better leader, communicator, and innovator focused on developing impactful connections. It takes initiative, dedication, communication, and management skills to truly promote change within a community. Harnessing my education, I will work to merge business and social impact to create public-private partnerships that can advance the work of community-based organizations to create the change they want to see. My work in the nonprofit field is a reflection of my desire to be an agent of change for my community and to empower young people from backgrounds similar to my own.