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Amanda Lee

What are your career aspirations? 

As a seasoned pediatric primary care nurse practitioner in a community health setting, I am acutely aware of the deep inequities that exist in our society and of the resilience of individuals and families that face them. Reimagining systems needed to provide equitable access to high quality, affordable healthcare requires broad collaboration within and across sectors not limited to healthcare organizations alone. I have always been interested in the space where evidence, policy, practice and reimbursement meet and am particularly interested in contributing to feedback loops that do and should exist in areas of overlap. My career aspirations will continually evolve as I work at my highest capacity to lead the development and oversight of collaborative systems that support equity and opportunity for all.  

What skills are you looking to develop at Booth and implement into your sector? 

More than ever, the healthcare sector is undergoing rapid, momentous changes that require constant revision and rejuvenation of business models to support ongoing care delivery in an ever-evolving environment. To continue to expand my leadership in healthcare, I need to develop a fundamental understanding of markets and influencers of healthcare’s complex challenges outside of my current scope. I hope to deepen my capacity to partner with multidisciplinary teams to analyze, implement and evaluate comprehensive change within Booth’s supportive and rigorous learning environment.

Why Booth?

Learning business and management principles in a sector agnostic environment alongside students with diverse backgrounds drives exposure to different perspectives and enhances my ability to tackle big problems through varying lenses. Participating in the Civic Scholars Program at Booth provides an invaluable space to dream of future professional possibilities beyond my current imagination and bring a renewed sense of fervor and determination to my own work as a result of being surrounded by inspiring, daring individuals with a shared goal of positively impacting our communities.