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Why Chicago Booth?

I was looking for an environment that valued community collaboration, encouraged intellectual curiosity, and embedded theory and analytics in its coursework. Chicago Booth demonstrated a commitment to these areas and provided a culture that would challenge me to assess social phenomena and the world in new ways.

What skills are you looking to develop at Booth?   

My desire to work, and remain, in the social impact space is driven by my desire for all neighborhoods to be resource-rich environments that provide a high quality of life to all residents—a reality that remains far too distant for many marginalized communities. Since entering the social impact realm, my professional focus has centered on sustainable housing and community development solutions, with the aim of creating systemic change. I am excited to take courses at Booth that will strengthen my ability to deploy high-yield strategies that lead to organizational wellness and sustainable community impacts.

Which MBA program are you pursuing, and why?

Matriculating at Booth via the Weekend MBA Program provides the flexibility to deepen my professional acumen while continuing to work in a full-time capacity. In pursuing MBA study, I desired a balance that would allow me to remain in the field, doing work that I am deeply passionate about, while applying new learnings to my work portfolio in real time.


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