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The Chicago Business Fellows Program (CBF) is part of Chicago Booth’s Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs, designed for candidates with three years or less of full-time business experience. Learn why Anthony chose Chicago Booth and how he developed as a leader.

Why Chicago Booth?

I chose Chicago Booth for the curriculum’s focus on fundamentals and theoretical frameworks, as well as having access to the distinguished faculty. My background is in mathematics and computer information systems, so Booth’s offering made it the ideal place for me to learn about the business landscape. The Part-Time Program has allowed me to continue growing in my career, and has given me the opportunity to take some tools acquired in the classroom and apply them in practice.

Why Chicago Business Fellows? Why was getting an MBA earlier in your career important to you?

The Chicago Business Fellows Program appealed to me because I knew there would be great opportunities to interact and grow with others in the infancy of their careers, like myself. I was interested in getting an MBA early in my career for two main reasons: first, I sought the challenge of business school in these formative years before getting entrenched in a given field or role; and second, to signal to employers my willingness and ability to handle many responsibilities at once.

What are your career aspirations and how will an MBA from Booth help you achieve them?

My aim is to be a leader in an organization that asks me to make critical decisions. Booth has taught me to ask questions when faced with ambiguity and to be willing to challenge accepted thought. In addition, the Booth network will be a useful resource for broadening my perspective and mentoring opportunities, both during and after my time at Booth.

How have you used the flexible curriculum to maximize your time at Booth and get what you needed out of your MBA?

The flexible curriculum at Booth has helped me narrow my career focus, which was unclear when I began. Because there are no hard requirements on concentrations at Booth, I could enroll in the courses that seemed the most interesting. Early on, I was able to discover the areas I enjoyed and excelled in. The freedom to chart my own path using the expansive course offering at Booth has led me to focus on the subjects of finance and macroeconomics.

How has Booth helped you develop as a leader? What aspects have you found especially useful in being an effective leader in the world today?

My experiences at Booth have given me confidence in my ability to lead. The interactive lectures and team settings have allowed me to practice communicating my ideas effectively. I have drawn on these experiences in a work setting when interacting with members of our software development team and product management. Thanks in part to these skills, I have earned greater responsibility within my current role. Being a part of the Booth community has exposed me to intelligent people from many different disciplines, which has helped me be more dynamic in professional and social settings.

How have you felt supported by the Booth community?

The Booth community is a collection of individuals with unique personal and professional experiences. I am consistently impressed with the stories of students and alumni I interact with, and I have often relied on this network for guidance since starting the MBA program. The academic and career advisors have always made time to field my questions, and it is evident they enjoy helping students on their MBA journey. The professors are engaging and approachable; I have always felt comfortable answering questions and offering my opinion during lectures, even if I wasn’t sure I was correct or knew others would have a different opinion.