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For many of our students, the Winter Quarter signals a more formal start to the busy campus recruiting period, while others focus on a more specialized search for their summer internships and post-MBA roles.

Whether students look to land a job in consulting, technology, investment management or something in between, the Chicago Booth Employment Report offers comprehensive data to help them understand the Booth hiring landscape. As results from the Class of 2018 indicate, Boothies continue to be well represented among companies that seek top MBA talent. We took a look at the most recent report to help address some questions you may have about where Boothies land in their internships and full-time jobs.

What’s in the Employment Report?
Booth believes in the power of data and here, facts are friendly. With full information, you can make better decisions. The facts provided in the Employment Report offer greater clarity around where Booth students land, salary history, shifts in industry and function focus for students year to year, job sources, and regional breakdowns. The Employment Report is filterable by full-time and internship data, allowing you to see the full range of functions and industries where Booth students landed.

The report also provides data from the last five years, so you can gather insights and see trends:

Curious about ROI?
Within three months of graduation, 96 percent of the Class of 2018 had received a job offer. The average starting salary was $130,000 (not including sign-on bonus).

What did the Class of 2018 pursue?
Consulting and Technology were the top two industries followed by Investment Banking, Investment Management, and Private Equity. About 3.3 percent of the class elected to start their own business. 

Where did they land?
From a geographic perspective, we had students land roles all over the world:

  • Nearly 25 percent headed West to markets such as the Bay Area and Seattle largely in tech roles but also in banking, consumer goods, consulting, and investment management.
  • Around 20 percent accepted a variety of roles in the New York City area.
  • Roughly 13 percent of graduates joined companies in a wide range of international markets, such as Beijing, London, Dubai, Mexico City, and Seoul.


Who's hiring them?
In terms of employers, over the past five years, more than 60 percent of companies recruiting at Booth have hired two or more graduates each year. In 2018, almost half of all companies actually hired four or more graduates—this includes McKinsey, Bain, Amazon, Boston Consulting Group, PepsiCo, JP Morgan, Google, Goldman Sachs, Microsoft, and Salesforce, among many others.

What's behind the numbers?
With 84 percent of hires credited to Booth-facilitated channels, students realize the value and importance of the Booth ecosystem—making it very easy to reach out and get the insider perspective from fellow Boothies at your ideal internship or post-MBA place of employment.

How do students Leverage the Report?
Whether looking to make a career change or to grow as leaders in their current industry, many students become familiar with MBA employment results. Class of 2018 graduate, Chris Esch, currently at McKinsey & Company, used the employment report to better familiarize himself with the professional hiring output of the school.

Booth's Employment Report was critical in helping me understand all of the opportunities available, and opened my eyes to a breadth of firms I hadn't even considered. I used the report to find current employees at my target firms who formerly had backgrounds like mine. The ensuing conversations were great and helped me both learn more about the firms and prepare for my interviews.” 

See where Chicago Booth students landed by using the tools and filters of the employment report.

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