Haresh Sapra and Linda E. Ginzel

Executive MBA Students Honor Faculty for Excellence in Teaching

Haresh Sapra and Linda E. Ginzel were honored for their talents in the classroom.


This April, students graduating from Chicago Booth’s Executive MBA Program honored two faculty members with the Hillel J. Einhorn Excellence in Teaching Award.

The winners are chosen annually based on student votes from cohorts in Chicago, London, and Hong Kong. First awarded in 1987, the prize was established by Executive MBA students to honor the late Einhorn, who was a professor of behavioral science at Booth.

Members of the XP-88 cohort, based in North America (Chicago), as well as members of the EXP-24 cohort in Europe (London), chose Haresh Sapra for his Financial Accounting course. Sapra is the Leon Carroll Marshall Professor of Accounting and academic coordinator of the Executive MBA Program. His current research deals with issues of disclosure, transparency, and financial reporting for financial institutions.

Members of the AXP-18 cohort in Asia (Hong Kong) chose Linda E. Ginzel for her Leadership Capital course. Ginzel is clinical professor of managerial psychology. She specializes in negotiation skills, managerial psychology, and executive development. She is the author of Choosing Leadership: A Workbook. Read our Q&A with Ginzel on leadership and her new book.

—By Leah Rachel von Essen
May 2, 2019