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Booth Women Connect began in 2010 as an initiative to build a collaborative network and attract more women applicants to Booth. It has evolved into a suite of programming that has included an annual conference that brought together sought-after expert speakers with hundreds of alumnae, students, and Chicago business leaders for a day of collaboration, learning, and growth.

Speakers at the conference have included world-renowned Booth professors and thought leaders including journalist Ann Curry, Ellevest cofounder Sallie Krawcheck, and cognitive scientist Sian L. Beilock.

Booth Women Connect is a powerful force that seeks to empower women and provide the tools and knowledge to accelerate their personal and professional growth. “We’re all about helping women bring their personal best to the stage,” said Stacey Kole, PhD ’92 (Economics), clinical professor of economics, in 2017. “When you bring your best, you’re going to be more successful.”