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This week, we're pleased to share that Chicago Booth Review's Fall 2020 issue is now live, featuring COVID-19 research and insights from our faculty. Find some of their latest insights below, including how this recession differs from past ones and why public policy has largely failed to instill confidence in Americans.

COVID-19 Research and Insights from Chicago Booth Review

COVID-19 is changing key business relationships
Professor Waverly Deutsch explores what makes the current crisis different from past ones.

Americans have little confidence in COVID-19 stimulus plans
Public policy has been unable to inspire optimism among consumers, according to a study coauthored by Michael Weber.

Anuj K. Shah says we're criminalizing the effects of poverty
The mental strain of losing your job or dealing with stress from COVID-19 increases the risk of making costly mistakes, suggests Professor Shah.

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Select Thought Leadership in the Media

Temporary furloughs are turning into permanent job losses during the pandemic
September 1 | Marketplace
Steven Davis speaks with "Marketplace Morning Report" about the psychological cost of permanent job losses amid the pandemic.

Public confidence, often inscrutable, pivotal for recovery
August 26 | Reuters
According to a study by Austan Goolsbee and Chad Syverson, local restrictions accounted for only 7 percentage points of an average 60 percent drop in consumer traffic.

Even with a vaccine, the economy could take many months to return to normal
August 25 | FiveThirtyEight
Economists surveyed by IGM predicted that if 25 percent of the population were immune to COVID-19, there would only be a 30 percent chance of GDP returning to its pre-pandemic level.

As permanent economic damage piles up, the COVID crisis is looking more like the Great Recession
August 25 | Washington Post
Marianne Bertrand weighs in on how permanent job losses threaten to transform temporary COVID closures into a lasting recession.

Brexit and the COVID-19 bounce back
August 24 | Politico Europe
Christian Leuz shares why the Brexit stalemate could pose problems for the UK's ability to bounce back from the pandemic.

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COVID-19 Content across Campus

COVID-19 lockdown policies at the state and local level
Austan Goolsbee, Chad Syverson, and coauthors analyze US shutdown orders and related policies at the county and city level in this BFI working paper.

US unemployment insurance replacement rates during the pandemic
A BFI working paper by Pascal Noel and Joseph S. Vavra examines the impact of the uniform $600 Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation.

Venture capitalists to see 'small overall losses' during COVID-19: Report
The Polsky Center shared results from professor Steven Neil Kaplan's study on how the pandemic has affected decision-making and investment practices.

Round 07: FiveThirtyEight/IGM COVID-19 Economic Outlook Survey
In IGM and FiveThirtyEight's latest survey, economists suggested the economy could take many months to return to normal even after we find a vaccine.

Virtual Events

Thrive amidst disruptions: Role of fintech post COVID-19
Monday, September 14, 7:30 - 8:30 a.m. CDT
Join the Becker Friedman Institute for a seminar on the pandemic and the financial industry. Industry experts including Zhiguo He will discuss how the changing global market, regulatory environment, and technological advancements are influencing the outlook for fintech.