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We hope you enjoyed a relaxing Memorial Day weekend. Over the holiday, our faculty made numerous media appearances to share their latest economic projections related to the pandemic. We also bring you several new articles on faculty research, and a story about a Booth alumnus dedicated to supporting frontline workers' mental health. Find more below.

COVID-19 Research and Insights from Chicago Booth Review

COVID-19 will end some jobs, and transform others
Research by Steven J. Davis and coauthors suggests the jobs that ultimately return won't necessarily be the same as those lost.

COVID-19 will change the way we think of risk
Financial risk-taking is healthy for capitalism, but not heroic, says professor John Paul Rollert.

Video: Why the crisis could prompt more women to join the labor market
Booth's Veronica Guerrieri explains how remote working may benefit women in particular.

Global investment statistics hide potential risks
The prevalence of offshore financing could make it hard to size up the risks of a corporate debt crisis or to design policies in response to one, suggests Booth's Brent Neiman and coauthors.

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Select Thought Leadership in the Media

The COVID-19 shutdown will cost Americans millions of years of life
May 25 | The Hill
Lost economic output in the US is 5 percent of GDP, or $1.1 trillion for every month of the economic shutdown, according to research by John R. Birge.

Public disclosure of COVID-19 cases is more effective than lockdowns
May 25 | Medical Xpress
Public disclosure can help vulnerable populations more easily avoid areas with a higher rate of infection, according to research coauthored by Chang-Tai Hsieh.

For economy, worst of coronavirus shutdowns may be over
May 25 | The Wall Street Journal
Constantine Yannelis says that while there have been positive signals in household spending, the real-estate market, and the stock market this month, we can't predict if this will continue.

Richest nations face $17tn government debt burden from coronavirus
May 24 | Financial Times
"We have to face the hard reality we’re not going to have a V-shaped recovery," says Randall Kroszner as OECD member countries are expected to take on extra public debt.

Which post-pandemic government?
May 22 | Project Syndicate
The pandemic has underscored the risks of placing too much power in the hands of a central authority, suggests Raghuram G. Rajan. He says the best approach is a middle path.

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COVID-19 Content Across Booth

Booth Stories: Supporting frontline workers' mental health
Learn how Mindful Urgent Care, a GNVC-winning mental health startup founded by Tamir Aldad, '18 (XP-87), is supporting New York City's frontline healthcare workers amid the pandemic.

Rustandy: COVID-19 data sources for researchers
The research team at the Rustandy Center is compiling data sets to track COVID-19 data by state, including stay-at-home orders and business regulations.

BFI working paper: Epidemic responses under uncertainty
Constantine Yannelis and coauthors examine how policymakers should react to a pandemic when there is significant uncertainty regarding key parameters relating to the disease.

FiveThirtyEight/IGM COVID-19 economic outlook survey series
IGM released results from the first survey in its new series with FiveThirtyEight. Economic experts weighed in on GDP growth, recovery from the recession, and more.