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The Booth community had a busy weekend lending insight and support around the pandemic. We bring you the latest updates below, including a roundup of initiatives led by alumni to help their companies and communities navigate this difficult time.

COVID-19 Research and Insights from Chicago Booth Review

The US economy could contract 11 percent in 2020
Research from Booth's Steven J. Davis and coauthors examines economic uncertainty and forecasts the scope of economic damage inflicted by the coronavirus.

Capitalisn’t: Coronavirus—how are we going to pay for it?
On the Stigler Center podcast, Luigi Zingales and his co-host explore the economic labyrinth of funding relief bills. Eugene F. Fama joins to discuss the possibility of a wealth tax.

Has the US done enough to help small businesses?
Professor Joseph S. Vavra explains why stimulus efforts should focus on small businesses rather than shareholders of large companies.

Why industry-specific shocks can damage the entire economy
Research from Booth's Kilian Huber suggests that the economic impact of COVID-19 could be broader than previously expected.

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Select Thought Leadership in the Media

Slow coronavirus spread, fix economy
April 20 | Automotive News
Booth's Austan Goolsbee said the coronavirus' spread must be contained for any industry rescues to work and for the economy to be restored.

Paycheck Protection Program billions went to large companies and missed virus hot spots
April 17 | CBS News
In a preliminary study, Booth's Michael Minnis found that PPP loans appear to be going to firms most able to retain their workforces, even before receiving assistance.

Commentary: For your neighbours’ sake, turn the volume down this stay-home period
April 17 | Channel News Asia
Recent work by Booth's Joshua T. Dean suggests that loud neighbors may be impeding the success of home-based learning and telecommuting during stay-at-home measures.

'Huge numbers may be pushed into dire poverty or starvation…we need to secure them'
April 16 | The Indian Express
As it becomes clear the lockdown will last a while, Raghuram G. Rajan says that many will be pushed into poverty or starvation by the loss of their livelihoods.

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Featured Content from Booth and UChicago

PPE shipments. Meal donation. Vaccine research. Booth alumni are making a difference amid the pandemic.
Booth Stories
As the coronavirus pandemic upends daily life for millions around the globe, Booth alumni are stepping up to help their companies and communities in a multitude of ways.

Childcare obligations will constrain many workers when reopening the US economy
Becker Friedman Institute
In this working paper, Booth's Jonathan Dingel and Joseph S. Vavra argue that strategies for childcare arrangements will be important as policies are developed to reopen the economy.

How much is the coronavirus pandemic impacting hourly workers?
UChicago News
Featuring insights from Marianne Bertrand, this story covers the Rustandy Center and UChicago Poverty Lab's joint research quantifying the effects of the coronavirus on hourly workers.

Upcoming Webinars

Guiding your startup through COVID-19 with investor-in-residence Guy Turner, ’10
Thursday, April 23, Noon
In this virtual workshop, the Polsky Center’s investor-in-residence will discuss COVID-19’s impact on the entrepreneurial landscape and provide guidance to founders. Space is limited.

COVID-19 and economics: China, Asia, and beyond
Friday, April 24, 8:30 a.m.
This is the first in a new series from the Becker Friedman Institute to discuss emerging research on the implications of COVID-19 and its impact on China, Asia, and beyond.