The Kent A. Clark Center for Global Markets at Chicago Booth supports and disseminates cutting-edge research on markets and institutions worldwide. Our robust datasets give scholars access to essential research tools, and our Economic Experts Panels provide the latest insights into pressing questions about business and financial markets. Our insights and research empower policymakers to make better-informed decisions on complex issues that affect markets and policy around the world.

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Our Datasets

Sound policy decisions depend on solid data, and we are committed to providing researchers with access to the data they need. Datasets available through the Clark Center, and through partnerships with other organizations, support original research on international business, financial markets, and public policy.

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Supported Research

We supported high-quality original research in business, economics, accounting, and financial markets—wherever that research leads. Our work in macroeconomics, microeconomics, finance, and accounting contributes to thought leadership in those fields and has a significant influence on public policy in the United States and beyond.

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