2020 US Monetary Policy Forum

February 21, 2020 – New York

This annual conference brings together academics, market economists, and policy makers. The conference is sponsored by the Initiative on Global Markets at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.


The conference began with the 2020 report, Monetary Policy for the Next Recession, presented by Stephen Cecchetti (Brandeis University), Michael Feroli (JP Morgan), Anil Kashyap (University of Chicago Booth School of Business), Catherine Mann (Citi), and Kim Schoenholtz (New York University Stern School of Business).

The report was discussed by the following:


Philip Lane, European Central Bank, gave the conference keynote address.(Read speech)

The conference concluded with a panel discussion entitled "Hall of Mirrors: Feedback Between Monetary Policy and Financial Markets" that included:

The panel was moderated by Loretta Mester, Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland. (Read remarks)


For the programs and data needed to replicate the results from the 2020 Report, click here.