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Two University of Chicago faculty members received the Rising Star Award from the Association for Psychological Science in recognition for their early career contributions to their fields.

Ed O’Brien

Assistant professor of behavioral science at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, O’Brien studies people’s intuitions about everyday experiences (e.g., whether a certain activity will be enjoyable; how a friend or partner might be feeling; how things will change over time) and when and why these intuitions can be mistaken. O’Brien earned a PhD in social psychology from the University of Michigan.

Faculty Profile

Alex Shaw

Assistant professor of psychology at the University of Chicago, Shaw is interested in how human beings navigate the complex social world by tracking reputations and signaling to each other. He studies fairness, intellectual property and reputation and how these things develop throughout childhood. He was a post-doctoral fellow at Chicago Booth. Shaw received his PhD in developmental psychology from Yale University.

Faculty Profile

The APS Rising Star designation is presented to outstanding psychological scientists in the earliest stages of their research careers post-PhD whose innovative work has already advanced the field and signals great potential for their continued contributions.