Yelena Shkolnik

How did you stay engaged with Booth during your deferment period?

The program helped me maintain a link to Chicago Booth as I embarked on a career. The admissions counselor I worked with became something of a mentor. I checked in regularly. As I thought about career moves, having that connection helped me stay focused on my goals and feel supported in getting there.

How did Booth Scholars help you prepare for a Booth MBA?

I had a pretty strong idea of where I wanted my career to go, and it was great to know that ahead of me was an opportunity to step away, return to the classroom, and accelerate my path to that role. Being a Booth Scholar also gave me an instant network of Booth alumni who did a lot to refine my path and help me make decisions along the way.

Why should someone be a Booth scholar?

Being a Booth Scholar means starting a career armed with a relationship to an incredible business school. It means going into your job with an incredible network of experience and support, with the opportunity on the horizon to return to Chicago Booth when you're ready and accelerate the path your career is taking.