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Guest post by Professor Günter J. Hitsch 

In my newest class, Data Science for Marketing Decision Making, I aim to immerse students in data-driven marketing techniques. Using modern data-processing tools, my students examine massive amounts of data in order to implement key marketing decisions. Analyzing these data allows us to predict the impact on everything from pricing and advertising, to customer profitability and the return on investment from customer targeting.

We are incredibly fortunate at Booth to have access to several Nielsen databases, which are housed at the Kilts Center for Marketing. The Kilts Center is very important to my work and the level to which I’m able to incorporate consumer research into my projects and curriculum. I want students to walk out of my class with a different way of thinking about marketing. 

One of my students published a blog earlier this month about how his view of marketing has changed. What he once thought was a “soft” field has become a model for how to use data and hard evidence to make informed decisions. Read the blog here »