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Q1: Do I have a better chance of getting in if I apply in Round One?

A: Every candidate is given a complete, fair review regardless of the round in which they apply. We recommend submitting only when you feel your application is 100% ready. Is every section the best that it can be? Is there anything else you can do to improve your profile? Never rush your application process or submit before you’re comfortable.

Q2: Is [fill in the blank] a good option to be my recommender?

A: When it comes to recommenders, only you can be the judge on who can represent you best. You might choose a person who works with you on a day-to-day basis, knows your motivations and strengths, or understands your working style. Just make sure whoever you choose will put in the time necessary to write you a solid recommendation. Note: The admissions committee asks that one of your recommenders be a current supervisor. If that is not possible for you, just tell us why in the Additional Information section.

Q3: Why’d you get rid of the picture essay?

A: At Booth, we are always looking for new ways to learn more about you in the application. While we’ve moved away from the photo essay format, you now have the opportunity to answer application questions that ask some specific things we’d like to know about you. Additionally, we’ve given you more space throughout the application to provide further context around areas like your work experience, goals, and extracurriculars.

Q4: How important is my GMAT score?

A: The GMAT can be an intimidating step in your admissions process, but there's no need to worry. We take a holistic approach to reading applications, so while the average GMAT for the incoming Class of 2020 is 731, your test score is not the only aspect that determines admission. The rest of your application, such as work experience, community involvement, letters of recommendation, and responses to application questions, are equally important to us. We admit students with a wide range of GMAT scores every year. 

Q5: I fall outside the average years of work experience for a Booth Full-Time MBA student (5 years). Will that hurt my chances of being accepted?

A: Whether you have fewer or more years of work experience than the average Full-Time student will not negatively affect your application’s consideration. The admissions committee judges the quality of the experience you’ve had, not the quantity. We want to know what kind of impact you’ve had in your role and what growth you’ve achieved, regardless of the number of years.

Q6: I’m not coming from a traditional finance background—does Booth have resources for me?

A: We don’t really think of any of our Booth students as “traditional.” Every year, our class is made up of students from all different kinds of backgrounds and professional experiences. No single industry gives you an edge over the other. We offer the same resources for everyone—career support, academic services, leadership coaching, alumni connections, networking contacts, student groups—the list goes on and on. Never be concerned that you don’t have the right background for Booth. We’re looking for life-long learners who aren’t afraid to take control of their own experience and make the most of the resources they are given. For a full picture of which fields our students are coming from, visit our Employment Report.

Q7: What is Booth looking for in an applicant?

A: The Chicago Approach is our philosophy that a flexible, multi-disciplinary, supportive environment is what enables our students to take risks and turn ideas into impact. It attracts those looking for an entirely different way of thinking. In our applicants, we seek out resilient leaders, confident risk-takers, and people driven to support those around them. As you read more about Chicago Booth and speak to more members of our community, we hope you find you are of a similar mold.

Q8: How would you describe the Booth community?

A: Chicago Booth is a global community of people who are incredibly driven to succeed, but are also invested in the success of those around them. Our school is a place where you can take that career risk you’ve been dreaming of, knowing you now have a powerful network of peers, faculty, and alumni standing behind you. Everyone here values contrarian questioning just as much as collaborative discourse. And across the board, you’re sure to find intellectually curious individuals with some of the most amazing stories you’ll ever hear in your life.

Q9: How do I visit campus and connect with students?

A: We resume our full-day campus visit schedule on Monday, October 1. If you are able to come to campus, there will be three opportunities per week for you to attend a class, have lunch with current students, go on a tour of the building, and connect with admissions. Our visit schedule varies depending on our official school calendar, so be sure to check our registration dates online before you plan a visit. You can also contact current students via our Connect With a Student portal or by reaching out to the co-chairs of the student groups you’re most interested in (their emails are at the bottom of each group’s page). Register for a visit day here »

Best of luck with your application!