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The course offerings at Booth are so dynamic that I have been able to take classes and leverage them in what I do in tech. I’m a senior product manager at Relativity, a computer software company, so having the lens of a MBA has augmented my ability to work across the entire organization and be more effective as a result.

Course Offerings:
A large number of professors come from a place of deep industry expertise. My two favorite courses were Lindsey Lyman’s Building the New Venture course and Mark Knez’s Tech Strategy class. I was really impressed by Professor Knez’s thoughts and orientation around how start-ups disrupt and how large corporations can continuously innovate. The quality of our professors is really impressive- it’s clear that anyone who doesn’t have a background in product development can get a pretty good feel for what that’s really like through the course offerings.

Other great tech related courses include: New Venture Strategy, The FinTech Revolution, Big Data, Machine Learning, and Application Development.

The Tech Group is great at bringing in alumni from all kinds of different companies who can give us a feel for what it’s like to work there and be successful. The networking opportunities have been really strong, especially with high powered executive alumni. I facilitated a conversation with Kurt DelBene, the chief digital officer at Microsoft and he gave us his email to reach out to him if he could ever be of any help. I have had a fantastic response rate when reaching out to alumni.

This year, the Tech Club will facilitate workshops with knowledge sharing sessions with people who have domain expertise. We’ll be working in partnership with groups like the Analytics Club and Kilts Center for Marketing. For example, when organizing large amounts of data- what’s the minimum I need to know on a high level to be an effective leader? What do I need to be able to articulate to work with engineers effectively?

Other resources include: the annual Booth Tech conference and Booth Hacks to learn coding.

My Advice for Students:

  1. A lot of learning has to happen. Network with fellow students and take advantage of fellow students who will share resources and help get you up to speed.
  2. Leverage the resources available (especially through clubs) to improve your technical acumen, and learn high level tech concepts to allow you to follow conversations with engineers.
  3. Be curious—you won’t learn it all, but take every opportunity to network, ask questions and listens. Just absorb.