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Why Chicago Booth?

First, Chicago Booth offers an environment rooted in data-led decision-making, academic flexibility, and strong leadership focus—the critical ingredients I need to build the specific business and leadership skills that can complement my existing experience in development advisory. And at the Rustandy Center for Social Innovation and Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, I have the safe space to apply and test my newly acquired skills in a multidisciplinary environment with future social impact-oriented entrepreneurs.

What skills are you looking to develop at Booth?   

At Booth, I want to supplement my existing knowledge of development advisory with theoretical and experiential learning of finance and investing. Chicago Booth offers opportunities to build a foundational academic base through courses such as New Venture Strategy, Impact Investing, Entrepreneurial Discovery, and Social Impact Lab, but also provides access to a dedicated community devoted to the cause I want to champion.

What are your career aspirations?  

After completing my MBA, I hope to join a family philanthropic office or a social-venture fund that is pioneering the concept of infusing capital to both nonprofits and social ventures and creating impact at scale with urgency in a particular sector, such as climate change or education. The objective is to understand how such a venture fund can operationally exist and effect change in one specific sector. In the long term, I hope to bring these principles to India.


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