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Why Chicago Booth?
I’m a graduate of the University of Chicago Law School, and the legal lens of law and economics influenced my approach in identifying innovative solutions to ineffective and inefficient policies and practices in various industries within the legal sector. An education at Booth will enhance my ability to apply the legal theories I learned in law school to sectors beyond the legal industry while also improving my ability to implement those identified solutions effectively. In addition, the diversity at Booth will challenge me to think outside of the box when seeking to maximize the effectiveness, efficiency, and sustainability of operations within my industry.
What skills are you looking to develop at Booth?   
I foresee Booth equipping me with the business fundamentals, evidence-based research, and practical experience necessary to bolster my impact in the government sector. It will strengthen my ability to integrate business principles that maximize the social impact of government laws and policies and increase their vitality. I also foresee it broadening my exposure to the potential pain points that, if addressed, can maximize my coalition building and policy efforts.
What are your career aspirations?  
I aspire to enhance my advocacy for justice reform, using legislation as the primary vehicle for achieving that reform. I want to design incentives that lead to policy reform, elevate marginalized communities, and eradicate the many ills of the justice system. I plan to focus my career on crafting justice reform legislation that leverages today’s technologies and promotes effective and efficient execution. 


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