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Why Chicago Booth?
Booth’s approach and academic rigor are unparalleled in building the analytic skills and strategic mindset that are necessary to support organizational growth. These skills will prepare me to help my current organization navigate our next phase of growth and set me up as a leader for social impact throughout my career.
What are your career aspirations?  
My short-term goal is to improve my strategy and management skills in order to excel in my current role and drive impact for my organization. In addition, I hope to develop my leadership identity and long-term goals so that I can be clear about how I want to lead and how to best leverage my skills for impact on educational outcomes for students across the country.
How will your Booth experience help you grow your career?
In speaking with current students, I hear an emphasis on asking the right questions and always continuing to ask why when approaching problems. This is particularly important in social impact work as the problems are complex and the causes are often many and deep. I’m excited to learn from others at Booth to broaden both my network and perspective. Too often, social impact initiatives get siloed and don’t benefit from the learnings and perspectives of other sectors.


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