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Opportunity to picture yourself as a Boothie

Our official visit day includes an information session, building tour, lunch, and an opportunity to sit in on a class. Passing through the Winter Garden when school is in session gives you a feel for the hustle, bustle, and palpable excitement of our student body. As you sit alongside Boothies in a class, you suddenly start to feel like you’re already a student. That can be an amazing feeling!

Chance to start building your community

You will definitely hear our students and alumni talk about the pay-it-forward culture here at Booth, and it may feel like a turn of phrase until you see it embodied firsthand by our students. We’ve seen visitors connect with a Boothie while on campus and then be invited out to dinner with their new Boothie friends later that evening. That’s because our community is excited about the possibility of you joining in and those connections start from your first visit.

Spend some time in the city you’ll soon be calling home

While you’ll be spending a lot of time here at the Harper Center, your campus will truly expand into the city. Chicago is a city unlike any other. It’s got world-class museums, dynamic entertainment, an award-winning dining scene, and incredible architecture. But what makes the city really come to life are its residents. They embody the Midwestern values of kindness and inclusivity, which welcomes you in. Getting to walk the streets, figure out which neighborhood best fits your style, and determine that winters aren’t that bad can help you feel good about your move here to pursue an MBA.

Campus visits are also a great opportunity to ask an admissions director any questions you may have about the application process. We hope to see you on campus this fall! Join us for our official campus visit program on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays through December 6.