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Coming from Brazil, Laura wanted to make the switch from investment banking to private equity. She knew that Booth would give her the resources needed to make the transition.

Just as she hoped, more than anything else, the one-on-one time with professors and alumni have set Laura up for success in PE. During her first year, the hands-on classroom experiences also introduced Laura to an incredible internship opportunity at a top private equity firm. Having that type of access to your future industry is immeasurable, says Laura, who credits the strong Booth network.

Student Groups

One important part of business school are the extra curricular options. At Booth, you have the opportunity to participate in whatever you might like and everything is student-driven. I’ve been involved with the women’s soccer team here. When I first came, the soccer club only had a men’s team. I got together with a couple of friends, and now we have more than twenty girls on the team. We are playing in the Youth Chicago League.

Life in Chicago

Chicago is a big city but has the feeling of a smaller city because people are very warm. When you walk around, they smile at you. I really like that Midwestern culture. I also love the fact that we live in the Loop right next to everything. We walk around and restaurants, bars, the lake, and the beautiful skyline of Chicago are right there. It’s amazing.