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Prior to Booth, Gilad worked at Google as a corporate strategy analyst, but an MBA was always on the horizon for him. Coming from Israel, he chose Chicago Booth because he wanted to develop his entrepreneurial skills.

The flexibility to design his own journey and pursue his passions is what first attracted Gilad to Booth’s MBA program. Early on, his classroom experiences inspired him to start his own company for the New Venture Challenge and to investigate the world of venture capital for his summer internship.

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When I came to Booth, I was amazed by the ability I had to just walk up to a CEO of a Fortune 500 company, or the biggest VC Investor in the West Coast, and just introduce myself. You can develop that into a coffee chat, and then have the opportunity to pick their brains in a one-on-one meeting. I think that ability to develop relationships with such connected, interesting people is very unique.

Group Work at Booth

Booth puts a lot of emphasis on teamwork, even in basic classes like Accounting. You gain friends, and experience working closely with other people; a key skill to have when you're working in the real world.