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Some will jump at job opportunities, others will travel, while still others will be thinking ahead to pursue additional education.

In an effort to allow candidates to secure a future with Chicago Booth’s Full-Time MBA Program while providing them the opportunity to gain professional experience, Booth has expanded its Chicago Booth Scholars deferred admission program.

To those eligible to apply (or if you know a university senior who may be interested in the opportunity), here are some things to consider at this point:

  • Deferred enrollment will help you define your path. Perhaps you have always imagined getting an MBA. This will allow you to build up some experience before you join the program. Or, maybe you hadn’t considered an MBA, in which case you can take comfort in the foundation you will build with The Chicago Approach before you get into your specific areas of concentration. Either way, you’ll be able to grow and develop through the program.
  • The GMAT (or the GRE). While you won’t be bound to any particular test dates—you can take the test whenever you’re able to reserve a spot at a testing center—you will want to allow yourself about two to four weeks of concentrated study time to prepare. Now is the time to take care of that before you’re bogged down with exams, projects, or work deadlines.
  • Booth values diversity of thought. Pursuing a degree in education, history, fine arts, or another major that you didn’t think would correlate with an MBA? Don’t count yourself out. Focus on the insightful classes and research experience you have and use that to underpin the business acumen you’ll acquire through the MBA program.
  • Your network will come in handy. The application requires two letters of recommendation. You’ll want to pick recommenders who can best characterize your strengths and why you’d be an asset to the program.

The application is currently open and the deadline to apply is April 4, 2019. Students in their final year of study at any undergraduate institution can apply before they graduate, defer for two to four years, and then join Chicago Booth for their MBA. As an added bonus, the $250 application fee is waived for all Chicago Booth Scholar applications. Apply today »