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The Chicago Booth Executive MBA Program attracts accomplished leaders from diverse industries across the globe each year. This is an important aspect of our community – we believe that bringing together a variety of viewpoints is the best way to challenge and inspire new ways of thinking.

In Hong Kong, we have made a concerted effort to nurture and support local NGO leaders through a partnership with The Hong Kong Jockey Club (HKJC). Through its Charities Trust, the HKJC offers the Hong Kong Jockey Club Chicago Booth Executive MBA Scholarship to local social sectors leaders who seek the global vision, international network and world-class business education that Booth can provide.

We are pleased to introduce you to three distinguished students who were awarded the Hong Kong Jockey Club Scholarship in 2019. Hear more about their work and how they envision the MBA helping them make a future impact on society.

Tsz-Wai Loong

Tsz-wai Loong

Loong has more than nine years of experience in nonprofit organizations in Hong Kong. In his most recent role with Clean Air Network (CAN), he is responsible for various clean air campaigns and initiatives that help reduce air pollution and mitigate climate change in the region. Loong aspires to make a global footprint with his work, and feels he will benefit greatly from the knowledge, networking and confidence he stands to develop as a Booth Executive MBA student. For him, business skills and knowledge are very important for NGO operations and sustainability. Attending Chicago Booth is an opportunity to scale his operations and to learn more about social innovation. “I love the vigorous academic culture of Booth,” he says. “I love the lecture by Prof. Richard Thaler talking about nudge in policy design. This inspires me a lot on how to advise the government on community design to reduce vehicular traffic.”

Headshot of Executive MBA student and NGO Scholar Bird Tang

Bird Tang

Tang began his career as a secondary school biology teacher before co-founding VolTra in 2009. The Hong Kong-based charity promotes global citizenship and fosters community development through international voluntary services. VolTra has connected more than 4,000 teenagers in Hong Kong with 140 NGO partners in countries around the world. He looks forward to gaining the necessary tools and skills from the Executive MBA Program, interacting with the diverse group of his fellow students, and using the knowledge and experience acquired to generate lasting social impact. "I am curious to learn more and make use of the Chicago Approach to bring the impact back to the Hong Kong community,"he says.

Booth Executive MBA Hong Kong Student Miranda Wong

Miranda Wong

Miranda Wong began her career at The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups (HKFYG) as an administrative officer fourteen years ago. She serves as director of the HKFYG Leadership Institute and is responsible for leading the establishment of the first youth leadership institute in Hong Kong. Having developed a wide range of skills, including entrepreneurship, organic farming, and global partnership, Wong would like to bring to her 60-year-old organization business insights and new knowledge in goalsetting, change management, leadership, and innovation. She hopes to create an even greater impact as she continues HKFYG’s mission of serving the young people of Hong Kong. At a time when her organization is on the verge of growing, she believes that her studies, made possible by the HKJC Scholarship, will offer her the knowledge, support and network needed to achieve greater results. "There could be boundless outcomes as long as we make a meaningful difference," she says.

Romeo Talento

Manager of Marketing, Recruitment & Admissions, Hong Kong

Based in Hong Kong, Romeo supports the admissions process and co-manages marketing and recruitment. Follow Romeo for insights on the Asia Executive MBA community.

Romeo Talento