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In late August, we welcomed 224 new students to Chicago Booth in the most unique start to the Executive MBA Program ever.  Like many business schools, Booth made the decision to limit in-person instruction this autumn due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. For the global Executive MBA Program, this meant virtual instruction on all three campuses for the Autumn Quarter.

This change has demanded a quick adaptation and a leap of faith for everyone involved, including our faculty, staff, and newest students. As we prepared to bring students from across the globe together for the first time, and virtually, we asked a few of their faculty to record a message for them about what was keeping them inspired during this strange time.  Their answers – which were self-captured at home – show their willingness to try new things and the passion they have for teaching, in any format. They also demonstrate the grit and hardworking determination that the Booth community is known for.

Although much is uncertain these days, I am certain of the value of a Booth education. Our resilience, adaptability, and determination to educate leaders and further students' executive professional development is unwavering. This new class of creative and innovative students will indeed, to paraphrase Ann McGill, keep going and do well – they will excel in a very competitive landscape.

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Julie Morton

Associate Dean

Executive MBA Program

Julie Morton is the Associate Dean of the Executive MBA Program at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. Julie oversees all aspects of marketing, recruiting, and admissions; student life and program operations; and a unique integrated offering that delivers global career support, leadership development, and employer relations.

Julie Morton