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At Chicago Booth, we look for candidates who have an appetite for academic rigor and the intellectual capability to succeed in the classroom, who are driven to learn more and be challenged, and seek to contribute and give back to a vibrant community.

We have recently started awarding merit scholarships to incoming Executive MBA candidates who exhibit an exemplary level of “fit” with Booth. Thankfully, the feeling is mutual and they’ve decided to join our cohorts this year. In this post, we’ll introduce you to two of our scholarship award winners from the Chicago campus to find out why they decided an MBA from Chicago Booth was the right fit for them.

Booth Executive MBA Student  Josh Cohen

Josh Cohen

Josh Cohen is a Managing Partner at W16 Energy, a global petroleum trading company based out of New York City. Josh has eight years of experience in running businesses across diverse industries -- including energy, M&A, and hedge funds. He sought out an MBA in order to take his career from being reactive to proactive -- he wanted to deepen his understanding of business fundamentals, enhance his international management skills, and expand his network globally. He knew that Chicago Booth was the right fit for him after attending an admissions dinner event in New York City where he met students and alumni. “I felt so comfortable and at home with everyone,” he commented. “I made connections that evening and have stayed in touch since. It’s clear that the Booth network is really looking to support you.” Since beginning the program in June, Josh has found that the level of camaraderie amongst his classmates continues. “I’m blown away by how close we’ve come together as a class. The community just pulls you in and I have really enjoyed learning and collaborating with such a diverse collection of accomplished professionals.”


Booth Executive MBA Student Christy Valentine

Christy Valentine

Christy practiced medicine for 18 years but over time, she felt a calling to do more. She wanted a thorough understanding of business fundamentals, access to other industry professionals and expanded career opportunities. In 2016, she moved into a Medical Director role at Anthem Health Insurance and in 2018, she joined the Executive MBA Program at Chicago Booth. She recognized her fit with Booth after participating in an Executive Assessment preparation webinar given by the School during the application process. She had been questioning whether the test was necessary; plenty of other Executive MBA programs didn't require it. However, she went ahead with the webinar and the experience opened her eyes to the value of preparing for the MBA and identifying skill gaps. She walked away with a powerful impression that the School cared about its students doing well in the classroom and would provide ample support to help them on their way. During Kick-Off Week, this impression deepened further through interactions with the faculty and her classmates. "We all want to do more, improve ourselves and see what we can offer. Booth is a space where ideas feel possible, not matter how far off the wall."

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