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This is due in part to a 2018 expansion of our deferred MBA program to undergraduate students beyond the walls of the University of Chicago.

We’re thrilled to have far exceeded our goal to increase accessibility to the Full-Time MBA Program at Chicago Booth.

And while our team continues to support the newest additions to the Booth community throughout their deferral period through regular programming and networking events as they navigate their first jobs post undergrad, we are looking ahead to the upcoming application cycle.

To help you think about whether a future MBA is the right choice for you and if Chicago Booth is the right program, we’re sharing the answers to the most commonly asked questions we get about the program.

How do I know that an MBA at Chicago Booth is the right choice for me?

Being granted MBA admission before graduating from undergrad gives you a sense of security to be able to pursue a career you’re passionate about while having the program in your back pocket. The reasons for an MBA as opposed to another graduate degree are endless, but some of them include the development of a framework for problem solving, growth as a leader, exposure to diverse perspectives, and connections to an alumni network (currently 54,000 in 120+ countries).

If I love my first job out of undergrad and I don’t want to leave it, can I enroll in the Part-Time Program at Chicago Booth?

Yes! Many students find that they want to continue working in their current roles after their deferral period. When Chicago Booth Scholars begin their MBA, they have the option to either enter the Full-Time program, or opt into the Evening or Weekend MBA programs based on their own individual goals and experiences.

Do I need to have extensive work experience or a business major to apply for an MBA?

We understand as an undergraduate applicant, you don’t have the work experience our traditional applicants have, and that’s ok. We are investing in your potential with the knowledge that you’ll be gaining additional experience throughout your deferral period. Part of what makes the Booth experience so valuable, is the fact that you will be joining a network of global peers with all different experiences and backgrounds—including age, years of experience, and, of course, undergraduate major. Our Booth alumni go on to make an impact in all fields, from the sciences, nonprofit, and government organizations, to the private sector, entrepreneurship, and everything in between! No matter your major or work background, you can establish your voice as an essential part of the Booth Community.

Is my admission to the Chicago Booth Scholars Program a binding decision?

It is our hope that you apply with the intention of enrolling for the Full-Time program after gaining work experience. However, in line with Chicago Booth’s commitment to flexibility, getting accepted into the Booth Scholars Program is a non-binding decision. That said, deferral students are required to pay deposits throughout the deferral period until enrollment. These deposits ultimately go towards your tuition at the time of matriculation.

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