Last Chance to Be a 2016 Summer Scholar


If you’re early in your career or currently pursuing an undergraduate degree, and you’re interested in understanding more about the Booth MBA experience, the Summer Business Scholars Program (SBSP) provides an opportunity to strengthen foundational business knowledge and grow tangible leadership and negotiation skills.

A primary focus of the Summer Business Scholars team is to help our scholars make daily connections — with the subjects they study, companies they visit, and most of all with each other — that they will value for years to come. Last year, we asked several SBSP alumni to share with us their favorite aspects of the program; this time we followed up a few others to find out how SBSP has had an impact on them beyond the three week program.

Charlitha IsanakaChariltha Isanaka, SBSP,’15, was about to graduate from the University of Notre Dame in 2015, but found that she didn’t have all of the answers. “SBSP gave me a path to approach one of the most daunting questions: what do I want to do with my life? I wanted to explore what I was good at, what the world needed and how I could combine the two.” She is now a consultant in Chicago, uses problem solving skills she gained during SBSP on a daily basis, and remains connected to friends she met during the program that also live in Chicago.

Danielle GorderDanielle Gorder, SBSP,’15 was working at a law firm, and realized the legal sector wasn't for her. “SBSP gave me an opportunity to gain the business knowledge that I needed for my current role at IBM. The network is also invaluable, as my SBSP classmates continue to be a source of inspiration and support.” Danielle continues to work with her SBSP classmates on a crowdsourcing platform for nonprofits called Protégé.

Chet AldrichChet Aldrich, SBSP,’14, is currently a senior at Carleton College studying Computer Science, and about to take the next big step in his career. “The Summer Business Scholars Program led to me getting a chance to intern at Pandora. While I was interning, I definitely found that all of the group work that we did…helped me work well with the team.” Chet received a full-time offer with Pandora as a Software Engineer.

Paula MelendezPaula Melendez,SBSP ’14, is pursuing a Masters in Latin American Studies at Oxford, and plans to go to law school in London in the fall. SBSP gave Paula confidence not only in interviews, but also in pursuing her passions, especially gender in the workplace and international law. “I still talk about SBSP and how much I learned.”

Chariltha, Danielle, Chet and Paula each came into SBSP with the goal of getting to their next step. They have taken very different paths since then, but they share the SBSP experience, which immersed them in the Chicago Approach, growing a diverse network, and simply taking the time to learn. The impact of this lasts well beyond those three weeks.

If you are ready to discover your potential, we hope you will seize your final chance to apply to the SBSP Class of 2016. The final application deadline is Tuesday, March 29. We invite you to connect with our team via the comments below if you have any questions about our Summer Business Scholars program taking place in Chicago from July 9 to July 29.