Update for Waitlist

Update For Waitlist

Chicago Booth is lucky to receive applications from more qualified and intelligent applicants than we can accept. For this reason, we utilize our waitlist for those we’d love to have as part of our community, but simply do not have the space for in our class at the moment. To those Round One applicants who have elected to remain on our waitlist, we fully understand the uncertainty you feel, and appreciate your patience and dedication to being at Booth. Below are some things to remember:

1. A waitlist decision is not the Committee’s final decision.

One of the greatest things about the admissions process at Chicago Booth is how fluid it is. Our mission is to craft the best class possible, and, as such, we maintain a robust, unranked waitlist of very qualified candidates who we feel could be excellent contributors to the incoming class. Therefore, we continually evaluate applicants’ files throughout each round.

2. The Committee welcomes updates to your application.

Consider the submission of any new materials that you feel would strengthen your candidacy, including, but not limited to: an optional video of up to 90 seconds that reiterates your interest in Chicago Booth and why you feel that you would be a good fit for our unique community; additional essays that provide context or clarification for information contained within your application; or employment updates (i.e. recent promotions). Should you choose to submit additional materials to enhance your application, refer to emails you have received from our office for full instructions. Additional submissions for Round One waitlisted applicants must be received by February 9. Your application will get another full review in Round Two that will take into account any supplemental information that you provide.

3.Get to know our community and our students.

While we are not able to discuss the specifics of your application with you or explain precisely why you were waitlisted, we do encourage you to find ways connect with our students to help you better determine why Booth would be a good fit for you, and vice-versa. Whether that is through virtual channels like The Booth Experience blog written by students or visiting campus to see the community firsthand, there are many opportunities to connect with us. When your final admissions decisions do arrive, you will feel confident in any choice you make.

Please do not hesitate to contact me about the waitlist at kristen.bautz@chicagobooth.edu.