Get to Know the Booth Community


Get to Know the Booth CommunityAs an admissions office, we embark on numerous marketing campaigns throughout the year to help bring the Booth experience to life. Without a doubt, the project we most look forward to is the creation of short videos detailing students’ first year at Booth. No matter how many students we speak to, we are continually amazed by the breadth and diversity of backgrounds, interests and passions - and the Class of 2016 was certainly no exception. We first met these students through the application process over a year ago, and were fortunate to catch up with 13 of them over the past several months.

We follow Gordon, a former Division I basketball player, as he balances classes and a PE internship. We see Sara leverage the Booth network to help get her startup off the ground. We hear how Priyanka, a former physical therapist by trade, maximizes her GPHAP experience with courses in the business, public policy, medical, and law schools. Gaspar explores his passion for marketing and tech. Michael follows his dream of working in the film industry at Paramount Pictures. Faria builds the strong analytic foundation necessary to be a brand manager. Drew transitions out of the military and begins a second career in finance, all while he and his wife expect their first child.

Watching the journeys of our students is one of the best ways to appreciate the emotion, support, and impact of the Booth community.

“We all came to business to achieve our long-term goals, our career dream. That is exponentially more possible with the other brilliant, exciting people here” - Michael Kurt, current student

“Booth doesn’t make you conform in any way. We all share this passion of learning and exploring the world that really brings us all together” - Jenny Farrall, current student

“People here at Booth are truly interested in your well-being ...... They are really committed to your success.”
- Ramiro Sanchez Caballero, current student

While this is just a small sampling of the many different personalities and interests that make Booth unique, we encourage you to follow our students as they prepare for their second year. Hear directly from these members of the Class of 2016 on a range of MBA topics over the course of the year through The Booth Experience student blog.

Check back often, as we will continue to bring you additional student stories and videos throughout the coming months.