Meet Our Students


Kurt Ahlm“I was ready for a new challenge.”

“I knew I wanted to do something more.”

“I fell in love with this city.”

After watching the new videos introducing current Chicago Booth students to you, I was struck by how often I heard these themes echoed in their interviews. Their eagerness to take on new challenges, ambition to contribute on a global level, and the excitement to explore a dynamic city impressed upon me the values our students bring to Chicago Booth every day, and how their presence helps shape this unique community.

Listen to Amelia describe how she gained a greater degree of self-awareness through the LEAD Program. Or hear how Don’s experience in the military helped inspire his decision to apply for an MBA. Jen chose Booth for its flexible curriculum and the ability to tailor each class to her own needs. The third member of his family to enroll, Chris explains why Chicago Booth has become something of a family tradition.

You’ll see that many of these students chose Booth because they wanted to immerse themselves in the frameworks of business that our curriculum builds from: accounting, statistics, economics and the social sciences. In other words, they all shared the desire to push themselves past what they already knew to get somewhere different. We believe that this type of challenging approach to your education allows you to gain the confidence to act decisively in uncertain times. And the bonds that you create with your fellow classmates along the way produce a lifelong impact - our students leave the program after two years but not each other, having spent time growing meaningful relationships that extend through the years.

These individuals are people from diverse backgrounds who happen to share the qualities and spirit we prize at Booth. I encourage you to get to know them, listen to their testimonials and hear what they have to say about their Booth experience. Who knows – you could be sitting in their seats someday.We hope to continue with these testimonials during our information sessions around the world this summer and fall. At each event we’ll introduce you to our alumni, current and admitted students and ask them to share why they chose Booth. I can’t wait for you to meet them.