Demonstrating Community Contribution


A great way for the admissions committee to get a sense of who you are outside of academics and work experience is through your extra-curricular activities and community involvement. Your life outside of work allows the committee to get to know you beyond your professional goals, and how you might contribute to the diversity and culture of Booth.

When planning your application strategy, take time to think about how you want to showcase your involvements, talents, and passions. Let’s start with looking at some of the most common ways people may be involved in their communities:

  • Non-Profit Organizations: Tell us which organization/s you volunteer your time for and why. Have you taken on any leadership roles during your volunteer work, or joined any special committees? Tell us the responsibilities you were tasked with; how you got others involved; or changes you made.

  • Sports: Do you participate in a specific sport, or even coach? Tell us the position you play, how long you’ve played, and some of your successes.

  • Your Community: Are you an active member of your church or the community in which you live? How much time do you spend involved in these activities and what types of projects have you been part of? What role do you why is this important to you?

  • Clubs or Professional Organizations: Maybe it’s a private equity organization, a book club, or a local board. Discussing your involvement in areas about which you are passionate within and outside of your field of study is as essential as volunteer activities.

Your extra-curricular involvements can further demonstrate soft skills to the admissions team; show that you have a larger view of the world, and that you are interested in being a contributing member of your MBA class. While we want to know how well you perform academically and your level of success in the real world, it is equally important to talk about the social interactions and interests you have outside of school and the office. Consequently, if you aren’t involved in a lot outside of your work, you can discuss areas that interest you; ones that you have a passion for and talk about how you see yourself getting involved with these activities as you pursue your MBA.

It is important to be authentic in how you represent your extra-curricular activities. There is no formula or minimum contribution you have to demonstrate in your application. We are just looking to learn about your interests, and how your experiences shape your way of thinking, and qualities like creativity, teamwork, communication skills, and leadership. It’s not a contest; it’s an opportunity for you to tell us about your interests and passions, what makes you tick, and your ability to lead and work with others.

To learn more about how we evaluate your application, tune in to your live chat on September 5. Our worldwide admissions events kick off again September 4 as well, so we hope to see you in your city and answer more of your questions about Booth. Follow our journey around the world at @BoothFullTime on twitter using #WhyBooth.