What to Expect from a Campus Visit


Spring is here and we're seeing many prospective candidates on campus who are interested in applying for Fall 2013. We love seeing prospects here at the Harper Center because there’s no better way to experience our culture and community than by visiting campus. It is our hope that when you come to campus that you’ll use this as an opportunity to see what makes Booth unique and to help determine whether Booth is the right fit for you.

Here’s what you can expect from our daily campus visit programming . . .

Plenty of opportunities to engage with current students. From the moment you arrive in the Admissions Office, you’ll be greeted by volunteers from our Dean’s Student Admissions Committee (DSAC). You’ll meet other DSAC volunteers throughout the day – during an information session, campus tour and lunch with current students. With so many opportunities to interact with our students, we encourage you to ask them anything that’s on your mind – What do you like best about your Booth experience? What kind of career support have you received? How collaborative is the culture? How have you utilized the flexible curriculum? How do you spend your time outside of class? It’s important to make sure your questions are answered, and our students are more than willing to share what it’s like to be a student at Booth and to live in Chicago.

Get a glimpse of the Booth classroom experience. We’re fortunate to have some of the leading minds in business on our faculty. During your visit, you’ll be able to sit in on a morning or afternoon class with one of our esteemed faculty members. Since there is no set teaching style at Booth, you’ll see the different ways that our faculty members teach course material, facilitate discussion and engage with our students.

Meet with Admissions. Our morning information session is led by one of our Admissions staff. He or she will use this time to provide some insight into our unique culture as well as the admission process. The staff will also be available to answer any of your questions.

Explore Harper Center. A DSAC volunteer will guide you on a tour of the Charles M. Harper Center, home to our full-time community. In addition to seeing all of the amenities this state-of-art facility has to offer, you’ll learn a little about the history of the school and obtain information about the Full-Time program. You’ll also have a chance to see some of the pieces from Harper Center’s impressive art collection.

In addition to visiting Booth, we hope you’ll take the time to discover the University of Chicago campus, our Hyde Park neighborhood, and the city of Chicago. From seeing the breathtaking architecture of the city by river cruise (a must-do attraction while visiting Chicago) to shopping along Michigan Avenue (aka the Magnificent Mile) to trying one of our amazing restaurants, there’s so much to do while you’re here. The city of Chicago is just an extension of our Harper Center campus.

Many prospective students wonder if there is anything that they can do to prepare for their campus visit. The one thing that we ask is that you come to campus ready to engage with our community and to take advantage of the opportunities to make connections while on campus.

Also, if you’re from outside the US and would like to connect with students who are from your country while on campus, then we encourage you to contact one of our International Country Captains in advance of your visit. Our International Country Captains are available to share their experiences and to answer your questions.

For those of you who would like to connect with students who have similar interests, then you can reach out to the co-chairs of our student groups in advance of coming to campus. Also, throughout the remainder of the spring quarter, our Entrepreneurship & Venture Capital Group (EVC), Marketing Group, African American MBA Association (AAMBAA), Hispanic American Business Students Association (HABSA), Armed Forces Group, Chicago Women in Business (CWiB), and OUTreach (LGBTQ students and allies), will host informal, monthly lunches with prospective candidates, which will be part of the Daily Campus Visit Program schedule.

Our full daily visit program will be available until Friday, June 1. We’ll be operating on an abbreviated campus visit schedule after this point while our students are away for the summer. So if you’re looking for an opportunity to experience everything that Booth has to offer, we encourage you to visit during the next two months.

Hope to see you soon!