More Than Networking


We talk a great deal about the diversity of our executive MBA students in terms of industry, job function and geography. The richness of the classroom and the learning experience benefit tremendously from this diversity. However, the personal stories of the students add another dimension that is sometimes overlooked due to schedule constraints, competing student demands and the academic focus of the program.

Today during their lunchtime break, the XP-85 students listened to a classmate describe his upbringing in Cote d'Ivoire and his subsequent journey to the U.S. to attend university and start his career. One of his classmates, a journalist, conducted the fireside chat and did an excellent job of asking the right questions and keeping the story on track.

The class plans to showcase more of their cohort in this way. In the world of speed networking and instant messaging, it is a treat to hear someone talk about their personal stories in detail (or at least in more than 2 minutes or 40 characters).

From an admissions perspective, it's also validation that the students we chose to attend Booth's executive MBA program have rich and fascinating backgrounds and experiences.


Patty Keegan