Thank You.


For my recent graduation, I would first like to thank my parents and family: without their support and encouragement I would never have done it. Second, thank the program office, who always helped us with a smile in their face. Third, thank the teachers and TA's, who delivered knowledge in an amazing way. And, finally, thank my cohort and friends around the world, who supported each other at the most difficult times. So, with that, I share my MBA statistics, throughout the CHICAGO BOOTH EXP 21 month Program:

C. Courses that I loved: 19; Course that I hated: 1.

H. Hours studied in university: 1530, at Home: 1072.

I. Insomnia and sleepless nights: 21 months jet-legged

C. Countries Visited: 14

A. American Airline Miles traveled: 213000.

G. GPA: do you really care?

O. Overweight kilos gained (and that need to be lost): 3.

B. Birthdays and HH missed: too many!! Forgive me and invite me this year: I'll come!

O. Operations (Surgeries): 3 (All is good now!)

O. Occupation Changes: 3 (Procter & Gamble, Procurian, Accenture)

T. Taxes Recovered in Heathrow Airport: £ 0 (There was always a missing stamp)

H. Happy Friends to visit around the world: countless.

E. Entrepreneurship Competition: GNVC Finalist with HOPS @Chicago !

X. Xeroxed “Cheat Sheets”: 11

P. Program Value: Priceless.


Guilherme Silberstein EXP-19