Student Evolution


Last week, we welcomed 250 of our second year students for a week of elective classes in Chicago. In addition to these current students, over 50 alumni joined them in classes ranging from Entrepreneurial Finance to New Product Development to Power and Influence.

At one of our receptions, I spent some time with an alumnus who graduated from the Chicago-based program 17 years ago. At that time, we had just launched our European program in Barcelona, Spain. Email was not a common business activity nor was things like Skype, global mobility, and smartphones part of our business vernacular.

This alumnus was amazed at the students’ ability to create global social and professional networks while enrolled in a rigorous MBA program. We started talking about the idea of a global mindset and what that means. We were witnessing the evolution in that reception room. Our students think in terms of their next professional challenge and that often involves being able to manage and lead a globally and culturally diverse workforce. Years ago, managing a diverse workforce meant that one of your staff lived in Milwaukee and the rest were in Chicago. Now, it is commonplace for our students to lead teams across cities, countries and continents.

I have had the honor of being in a front row seat watching this evolution for over 18 years. It never gets boring.

~ Patty Keegan