My Favorite Time of Year


It may seem odd that my favorite time of year in Chicago is late March.

It certainly isn't the weather that makes me feel this way. It is celebrating with our executive MBA students as they receive their Chicago Booth MBA degrees!

On March 22, we welcomed our newest graduates into the vibrant Booth alumni community. Our 82nd group in North America, 18th group in Europe and 12th group in Asia proudly received their degrees in front of family and friends gathered here from all over the world.

For 21 months, we watch our students tackle academic challenges, connect with new colleagues and change their perspectives on career goals. There is so much energy at graduation that it leaves little doubt of the transformational nature of our program.

Congratulations, XP-82, EXP-18 and AXP-12! You have earned your Booth degrees and a whole lot more.

-Patty Keegan